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From the Office to the Home: How to Manage Your IT Resources in this Remote Age

At the beginning of the year, several tech trends were set to dominate business IT system changes and innovations throughout all industries. Among these trends were: automation kicking into overdrive, decentralized IT becoming more distributed and multi-experience digital encounters exploding in popularity. However, the focus of IT managers and business professionals changed drastically with just two words: “Social Distancing”. Now, the big shift from centralized to in-home offices is presenting accelerated challenges. However, social distancing also requires a move to a  remote engagement with the IT systems themselves in order to maintain day-to-day operations. And, in this new era of digital interactions, more strain is being placed on IT infrastructure than ever before to meet the dynamic needs of customers, employees and suppliers. Is your organization prepared to meet these challenges?

Add Speed, Agility and Scalability to Your Systems without Being There

Speed and agility have always been important attributes in addressing business operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. For many companies, this meant having the right number of people in the correct locations on-site to service equipment, install new systems or upgrade current networks for increased bandwidth. As more cities and states implore people to stay at home, IT employees are not always able to be positioned where needed. CoreSite has the services, capacity, and team in-place to get your IT systems live quickly and take advantage of dynamic cloud resources, such as additional compute and storage. Whether gaining high-speed cloud access, extending or expanding your own infrastructure, or a combination of the foregoing, there are packaged solutions or managed services that can assist your team – and ultimately your customers.

The CoreSite Interconnect Gateway℠ is a fully managed solution that creates secure, high-bandwidth direct connectivity to leading public clouds, network services providers, data centers and corporate offices to improve application performance while reducing network costs. This enables you to provide your remote workforce with the performance needed to be productive while working from home. The CoreSite Open Cloud Exchange® is a one-to-many Ethernet connection platform that provides one-to-many on-demand, virtual connections into a robust ecosystem of network, cloud and IT providers. Once your employees are free to return to the office, you can spin-down this virtual connection and return to business as usual.

A Helping Hand When You Need It: Remote Tools and Support

While having access to additional cloud resources is key to address the IT scalability needs created by an increased number of remote employees and customers, some issues do require hands-on work and configuration by a technician. However, “Stay-in-Place” orders create additional paperwork and approvals for technicians to leave their homes or the work site to perform even routine IT tasks. It is important to have a partner you can count on, that empowers you to work remotely, and can facilitate the work that you cannot easily send your staff to accomplish. With CoreSite, you have 24x7 access to highly-trained operations technicians on-site at our data centers – ready to work for your organization at any time.

CoreSite’s Remote Hands services allows you to use our technicians as an extension of your IT department in order to resolve a multitude of emergency and routine technical tasks. By partially outsourcing the installation, operation and management of a deployment to the expert technicians within a CoreSite facility, you can focus on other important aspects of your business, like the health and safety of your people. In addition to Remote Hands, our CoreINSITE℠ tool gives you a near-real-time view of the power usage and the environment of your deployment. CoreINSITE is offered free to our customers and is available through the MyCoreSite portal. The MyCoreSite portal is an online self-service tool that you can use to manage your connections in near real time and even order physical cross connections which our data center technicians can install without the need for your staff to be onsite. This allows you to scale up and take advantage of additional cloud resources to reduce the strain on your current IT infrastructure.

Going Remote While Reducing Costs

Besides IT system strain, the current environment is also straining IT budgets. Companies need ways to reduce costs while pouring more resources into solutions that will benefit their remote workforce. By connecting to cloud and network providers within the same data center, IT managers can effectively resolve increased IT loads while saving up to 70% on networking and data egress fees and reducing latency. CoreSite has an ecosystem inclusive of the top cloud, security, DDoS, IT services and network providers – all the partners you need to manage your workloads.

Partnering to Bring Your IT Solutions to Your Remote Workforce

Even with the best IT team in place within your organization, figuring out and implementing the right solution to ensure the strain on your IT systems remain in check can be challenging. For this reason, CoreSite has partnered with several solution partners, agents and resellers who can help you with hybrid cloud assessments,implementation and deployment of solutions and remote tools that will allow you to better serve your remote employees and customers. Allow CoreSite to introduce you to the right team or partner for your IT needs.

Know that support for your IT needs is always here – even when you and your team cannot be.

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Wilbert Munfus | Channel Marketing
A 17-year veteran in the technology sector, Wilbert Munfus is the Director of Channel Marketing for CoreSite, based in Denver.